Wine tasting always makes for the perfect weekend outing.  Delicious wines, cheese & charcuterie boards, and panoramic views are ideal for a memorable time and your Instagram page.  When choosing the perfect outfit for your winery getaway, it’s important to remember a few tips:

  1. Comfort is Key: With acres of vineyards, facility tours, and uneven terrain be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Avoid spiked heels if you can help it so you don’t get stuck in the grass. Break out your cute flats, wedges, or chunky heels.
  2. Hands-Free: Whether you’re tasting wine or nibbling on cheese; carrying around a purse is the last thing you will want to think about. You might want to take a walk around the grounds to enjoy the scenery or the different areas the winery has to offer. The only thing your hands should be worried about is carrying your wine glass! When it comes to purses, think small, crossbody/backpack.
  3. Come with layers: The majority of winery & vineyard experiences take place outdoors!  All wineries are different, they all offer different types of seating and different areas of enjoyment.  Be prepared for a hot afternoon, or a chilly breeze in the shade. Have fun with your layers, for example, grab your work blazer and make it casual by pairing it with stylish shorts, a casual dress, or a romper. Another idea is to grab a long duster sweater, it can also be used as a blanket if needed! Even if it’s super hot, you can” wear” the jacket just draped on your shoulders, it gives a polished look that still allows airflow, and covers your shoulders and back from too much sun exposer!
  4. Winery Chic: Go more dressy than casual.  Although you’re technically on a farm, wine tasting is still a perfectly posh activity. It is also the ideal place to take pictures with your group.  We recommend something classy chic, but comfortable.  Think flowy materials.  Go to options are dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits.  Flowy materials also help to avoid sweat stains that may occur while sitting outside in the sun all day!  Don’t be afraid of wearing shorts either; just be mindful of comfort and length when choosing which shorts to wear.  When purchasing or grabbing a pair of shorts in your closet, I would lean towards other fabrics over denim.  Linen, cotton, or silk blended fabrics that aren’t overly form-fitting are the ones to chose; they are the perfect addition to your winery wardrobe to give your shorts outfit a dressier more polished look.
  5. Don’t go heavy on the perfume: taking in the wine aromas is half the experience, be sure not to wear a strong perfume to avoid interfering with your wine tasting or those around you.
  6. Accessories are key: Wineries are the time to whip out your hats, and fun sunglasses!  No matter how simple your outfit is, a hat always elevates it. Plus it blocks the sun! Add simple jewelry or a bold statement necklace or earrings. When you’re trying to accomplish the chic yet comfortable look adding accessories really make an outfit.
  7. No colors are off-limits:  Many people think to avoid white when drinking wine, especially red wine. If you’re feeling bold, the brighter/lighter colors can reflect the sun more than wearing dark colors. Plus its summer and you’re surrounded by a beautiful background; it’s time to have fun and stand out!

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Photography by Jontell Vanessa