Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cancellation fee for wine clubs?2019-07-02T14:27:40-04:00

No. There is no cancellation fee for leaving the Wild Women or D’vine Club. A 30-day written notice to PPW is required for cancellation. If you cancel within 30 days of a box being processed, you will be responsible for the payment of that box. You can find a cancellation form on our website to make this process even easier. •

Please note, since the barrel club consists of a one time upfront fee, there is no cancellation option.

Membership Cancellation Form
Do you have any local lodging you recommend?2018-10-16T17:00:38-04:00

Looking to make your visit a weekend getaway? Book at a room at the local Courtyard Marriott, located only 5.1 miles from Potomac Point Winery. Looking for something homier? The River House Inn is a local Airbnb option located right on the Potomac River, only 3 miles from the winery.

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How do I cancel my membership?2019-07-02T14:40:08-04:00

You can cancel your club membership at anytime with no cancellation fee!   A written cancellation is required with a minimum of a 30-day notice. We do understand that from time to time the need will arise to step away from the club for a variety of personal reasons. We do offer the option of placing your membership on hold for up to two wine boxes (average of 6 months). If a longer hold is needed (military deployments, pregnancy, etc.), our Club Manager will review and discuss your options personally.

Club Cancellation Form
How do I update my contact information, credit card number, etc.?2019-07-02T14:21:25-04:00

Once you are a club member, you can log-in to our club database through our website here. This is a secure site to update all of your personal information. If you do not have your log-on information or you need help, please contact our Guest Services Coordinator – Reservations@potomacpointwinery.com or 540.446.2251

What is the Barrel Club aka. Amis De Barriques?2019-07-02T14:23:51-04:00

Potomac Point Winery’s barrel Club is a special opportunity to put wine in your future!  Sponsor your own personal barrel, split a barrel with friends or give a barrel membership as a unique one-of-a-kind gift!  This is truly the gift that keeps giving; perfect for anniversaries, weddings, milestone birthdays, etc.

The Barrel Club includes five years’ worth of membership and events.  Receive a customized engraved plaque; Take home a selection of your favorite wines each year and attend our exclusive semi-annual members only Barrel Tasting events — where you taste both young and matured wines directly from the barrel.

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How much does it cost to have my wine shipped?2018-11-15T22:41:27-05:00

On average, in-state shipping is $20/box. Out of state prices vary. Please speak with the wine club manager to confirm your shipping fee.

What is the cost of the Barrel Club?2019-07-02T14:24:27-04:00

There is a one-time flat fee of $1,500 to join the barrel club.

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What are the benefits of being a Barrel Club Member?2019-07-02T14:25:18-04:00
  • A customized plaque displayed on your barrel at the Winery

  • $250 worth of wines per year during the first four years of your membership. There may be limitations placed on any wines designated as “Limited Production”

  • Complimentary Spring Barrel Tasting for Barrel Member and one guest.

  • Complimentary Fall Barrel Tasting and social for Barrel Member and up to three guests.

  • Take home your sponsored barrel on the 5th year of your membership.

  • Access to members-only wines.

  • Exclusive access to take photographs in the vineyard ($250 value)

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Can I have photos taken at the winery?2018-11-13T22:19:16-05:00

We do allow complimentary photos sessions for club members and brides & grooms that have booked their wedding at Potomac Point Winery.  Otherwise, we do have a $250 fee for photo sessions around the vineyard and winery. You are able to become a wine club member at any time and you can see additional club member information by clicking the link below. Furthermore, if you would like to rent the bridal salon to change/ freshen-up; we can rent it to you by the hour when available.  

If you would like to move forward with your photography session you can schedule a date through our Sales & Marketing Manager.  We simply need to make sure that there are no other events taking place to interfere with your photos.

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When do my benefits begin?2018-10-18T16:46:02-04:00

Membership benefits begin immediately or on the date of your choice if it is a gift membership.

How do I make sure I’m receiving all of my benefits?2018-10-18T16:47:52-04:00

When visiting the winery or making reservations, simply let us know that you are a Wine Club Member and we will apply the appropriate benefits. When registering for events online, enter your email address as the access/discount code.

How much will I be charged for my wine box?2018-11-15T15:34:19-05:00

Wine boxes vary from year to year and are based on wine availability and current releases. In general, we strive to keep boxes at the average price listed on the wine club page.

Wine Club Info
Is there a fee to join?2019-07-02T14:44:18-04:00

There is a onetime signup fee of $49.99 to join our Wild Women or D’vine Clubs.

Wine Club Sign-Up
What is my access or discount code for events?2018-10-18T16:50:25-04:00

Your individual email address that is associated with your club membership also serves as your access/discount code for all club events listed in Eventbrite.

What sort of member only events do you have?2019-07-02T14:42:45-04:00

We are constantly coming up with new and fun events for our club members. Some examples of events in the past are our Club Blending Challenge, Barrel Tastings, Chocolate & Wine Pairings, Live Music, Pick-up parties and special holiday events.

What are the benefits of becoming a Wild Women Member?2019-07-02T14:45:51-04:00
  • Complimentary classic tasting for member and a friend each visit
  • Access to members-only wines
  • Five convenient wine boxes per year
  • Priority notification of new vintage releases
  • Exclusive access to members-only events
  • Priority invitation and preferential pricing to select PPW local events
  • 20% savings on full cases of wine
  • 20% savings on the wine of the month
  • 10% savings on bottles of wine
  • 10% savings on gift shop merchandise
  • 10% savings on facility rental fees for select private events
  • Priority reservations while dining with us in Le Grand Cru Bistro
  • Exclusive access to take photographs in the vineyard ($250 value – reservations required)
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What are the benefits of becoming a D’Vine Club Member?2019-07-02T14:45:12-04:00
  • Complimentary classic tasting for member and a friend each visit
  • Access to members-only wines
  • Five convenient wine boxes per year
  • Priority notification of new vintage releases
  • Exclusive access to members-only events
  • Priority invitation and preferential pricing to select PPW local events
  • 20% savings on full cases of wine
  • 20% savings on the wine of the month
  • 10% savings on bottles of wine
  • 10% savings on gift shop merchandise
  • 10% savings on facility rental fees for select private events
  • Priority reservations while dining with us in Le Grand Cru Bistro
  • Exclusive access to take photographs in the vineyard ($250 value – reservations required)
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What is the difference between the Wild Women & D’Vine Club?2018-10-18T16:51:41-04:00


Our Women Wild About Wine club attracts our fun-loving, wine drinkers with a passion for good times and drinkable wines.  Each box release, Wild Women club members will receive three bottles of our most popular wines. You can select between our red & wine wine box or our red only box.  


Our D’vine Club attracts our more passionate wine connoisseurs with a palate for bold, award-winning wines. This club is also great for foodies who love to experiment & cook with wine! D’vine Wine Boxes will include 3 bottles of wine, both age-worthy and ready-to-drink wines; including vintage quality and library wines when available. Whereas, the D’Vine Food & Wine boxes will includes 2 bottles of wine and 2 gourmet food items.


What do your wine clubs have to offer?2018-11-13T22:20:23-05:00

Potomac Point’s Wine Clubs are perfect for anyone who has an appreciation of fine wine! Each club has a unique flare, helping you to nurture your love of wine. With private club events, preferential pricing and several shipments per year this is a club you don’t want to miss out on.

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Are dogs permitted at my winery wedding?2018-11-15T14:56:49-05:00

We are a dog-friendly establishment; they are permitted in any outdoor spaces and inside the bridal salon.  You must make arrangements for your pup to be taken home once the reception begins.

Does Le Grand Cru Catering provide a wedding cake?2018-10-18T22:40:53-04:00

We do not include wedding cakes in our packages.  We are happy to make recommendations for wedding cake specialists.  However, our packages do include our complimentary cake cutting services.  

May I offer a choice of entrees? Will you accommodate dietary restrictions?2018-10-18T22:39:41-04:00

We do allow a choice of two pre-selected entrees for seated meals.  We require that you provide place cards with an indication as to which selection was chosen, and a detailed meal chart that we will provide you.  We are happy to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and other allergies with advanced notice.

When do you need a final head count?2018-10-18T22:40:19-04:00

Your food and beverage guaranteed headcount must be received no later than 10 business days prior to your event.  After this time, we are unable to accommodate a lower headcount.

Do you offer a menu tasting for weddings?2018-11-15T15:06:39-05:00

If your event has 75 or more guests, a tasting for the bride & groom is complimentary.  Your Venue Coordinator will coordinate your menu tasting approximately three months prior to your event.  Catering Tastings take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays based on chef’s availability.

Do you have catering in-house?2018-10-18T22:38:23-04:00

Yes!  We do all catering on-site, creating the best possible quality & service.  

Do you have catering in-house? Do you offer a menu tasting?2019-02-14T15:11:00-05:00

Yes, we conduct all catering on-site, creating the best possible quality & service.  If your event has 75 or more guests, a tasting for the bride & groom is complimentary.  Your Venue Coordinator will coordinate your menu tasting approximately three months prior to your event.  Catering Tastings take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays based on chef’s availability.

Please note, we do not allow outside catering.


What is the rain backup plan for my outdoor ceremony?2018-10-24T17:05:25-04:00

We have several indoor options available for your Ceremony & Cocktail Hour depending on the size of your event; we are happy to review these options during your site visit.

Will you tentatively hold our event date until we can make a final decision?2018-11-15T14:50:33-05:00

We are unable to hold any event dates on a tentative basis.  Once the contract is signed and the initial deposit is made your date is secure!  All food, beverage, and additional decisions can be made or changed after signing your contract to book your date.

When do I have access to the bridal salon?2018-10-24T17:06:34-04:00

With your Vines to Vows package, you and your bridesmaids will have full access to the bridal salon beginning at 11:00 am on the day of your event.  You may leave your belongings in the salon for the duration of the event.

How much do weddings at your venue cost?2019-10-07T12:12:03-04:00

Our weekend wedding rental packages range from $4,000 to $8,000.  Contact our Sales Manager for more pricing details & information.

Wedding Inquiry Form
Do you provide day-of wedding planning?2018-10-24T17:07:11-04:00

We do provide a day of Venue Coordinator for weddings; however, we do not provide wedding planning services.  Potomac Point would like to provide you with the best possible service, to ensure we do so we provide a Venue Coordinator to assist with your big day.  They are there to coordinate our staff and be sure that we are in line with your desired timeframe and specifications. We recommend hiring a planner for any additional needs concerning ceremony planning, transportation, décor consultations, DIY assembly, etc.  

What is the typical timing for an event?2018-10-24T17:04:53-04:00

Our standard full day is an 8-hour package which includes two hours for set-up, five hours of event time and one hour for clean-up.  If you are hosting your ceremony on-site, you will receive the additional ceremony time complimentarily.

Note: Friday & Saturday events must conclude by midnight, Sunday events must conclude by 11:00 pm.

How many guests does your venue accommodate?2019-07-02T14:38:50-04:00

Our standard wedding packages are made to best accommodate 75-200 guests.  Our intimate wedding packages are made to best accommodate 20-40 guests. Our winter wedding packages are made to best accommodate 75-160 guests.

What is your Vines to Vows Package?2018-10-24T17:04:01-04:00

Our all-encompassing Vines to Vows package includes all spaces needed for your entire wedding day.  This package includes a space for your ceremony rehearsal; The Bridal Salon to get ready in, a beautiful outdoor ceremony location in the vineyard, the Richland Patio for cocktail hour and the Richland Ballroom for your wedding reception.  Support from our Venue Coordinator throughout your planning process and our Banquet Captain on the day of your event is included.

How can I volunteer?2018-11-15T13:46:03-05:00

There is a certain romance about the notion of working in a vineyard. Picking grapes, tucking vines, conjuring up images of rolling hills, breathtaking landscapes and stomping on the grapes with your bare feet in a huge wooden barrel. I won’t sugar coat it, tucking vines, grape picking, and bottling wine is hard work, often under a strong summer sun, but the rewards remain bountiful.  You get to meet locals, share in an age-old tradition and hopefully, indulge in the fruits of your labor and the celebrations that go with harvest season.

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be a winemaker this is a great opportunity to get a sneak peek into their busiest time of year.  During August, September, October & November we will be looking for volunteers at varies times as vineyard needs arise. All of our volunteers will receive $10 of wine credit per hour they work, and lunch will be provided.  If you are interested in being added to our volunteer database list to learn more about these opportunities, please email reservations@potomacpointwinery.com.

Do you offer military discounts?2018-11-15T14:38:33-05:00

Yes, PPW offers a 10% discount on all bottles to-go for military members!  Thank you for your service.

Do you have any job openings?2019-07-02T14:29:17-04:00

We are looking for employees with great people skills, hospitality experience, and a passion for wine!  Check current job openings by clicking the button below.

Apply Here
Do you allow smoking at the winery?2018-10-24T17:26:16-04:00

PPW is a non-smoking facility.  However, we do offer several smoking areas around our grounds, to include humidor hill, Chianti’s Corner, and our front mulch area.  We do provide smoking signs to clearly define these areas, along with sand buckets to properly dispose of your cigarettes/cigars. Please be very cautious when flicking and putting out cigarettes/cigars; we have had several occasions where our plants/mulch have caught on-fire due to smoking patrons.  

Can I book a private party or corporate event?2019-07-02T14:30:41-04:00

Potomac Point Winery and Vineyard provides the perfect setting for any event you care to host.  Choose from several venues around our grounds that create the atmosphere you would like to portray.  Whether you’re looking to host a corporate holiday party, birthday event, or family reunion- we can accommodate you.

Easily request event information by filling out our event inquiry form.

Event Inquiry Form
Is there a cover charge for Friday Night Music?2018-10-24T17:32:18-04:00

There is a $5.00 cover charge for those who would like to dine in the area with live music.  Friday Night Music will take place every Friday between March & November from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm.

How do I purchase a ticket for a public Event?2018-11-13T22:23:57-05:00

Our Events Calendar is filled with exciting & unique upcoming events.  We work with Eventbrite for online ticket sales, which links straight from our website event calendar. 

See Our Events Calendar
Do you allow dogs at your winery?2018-10-24T17:21:01-04:00

Our leashed and friendly pups are more than welcome to visit our tasting room, grounds, in our courtyard, and on the patio!  Please note, due to VA health code we cannot allow dogs in our D’vine Lounge, ballroom, barrel boom or production area. Any four-legged friends are welcome to attend as their owners taste wine or dine in any of our outdoor seating areas.  We would like to note that fully trained, ADA-compliant service animals will continue to be permitted anywhere on the property.

Please note: Virginia Department of Health will allow dogs with the following conditions: Dogs are not served food or water from tableware used for people; Dogs are not allowed on chairs, seats, or tables; Dogs are kept on a leash and under the control of an adult; there are effective means for cleaning up dog vomit and feces. Please take responsibility for your pet, we love having them.

Can I bring balloons or decorations to the winery?2018-10-24T17:18:25-04:00

Potomac Point Winery does not allow balloons, decorations, games, banners/signs, photographers, bands or DJs unless you have rented a private space.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Event Inquiry Form
Do you allow outside alcohol to be brought to your winery?2018-10-24T17:20:08-04:00

Due to ABC State Regulations, PPW cannot allow outside alcohol to be brought onto our grounds or facility.

Do you have food for sale at the winery?2018-11-13T22:26:33-05:00

Potomac Point Winery is one of the few wineries in Virginia that offers a restaurant on-site!  Potomac Point’s Bistro loves to stay fresh for any time of year so we change our menu to include the freshest locally grown ingredients from each season. Our Bistro includes savory small plates and shareables, refreshing side salads, various types of cheese displays, delicious soups, Entrées of the day chosen by our gourmet chef, and mouthwatering Panini’s.

Potomac Point Winery has been voted “Best outdoor dining location” and one of the “Best places for Lunch” by Virginia Living Magazine. Please note, our Bistro is open Wednesday through Sunday. Hours change seasonally, please see our current bistro hours listed on the bottom of our website.

View Our Bistro


Do you offer gift cards?2019-07-02T14:15:48-04:00

Absolutely!  PPW gift cards can be used for wine, bistro, or gift shop merchandise.  Gift cards can be purchased in our tasting room or online. 

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Do you allow children at your winery?2018-11-15T14:41:23-05:00

Absolutely!  Bring your young ones to spend some play time in our “Little Buds Room” while Mom and Dad stay close by in the Tasting Bar. We have books, toys, bean bags, and more for your kiddos to enjoy and something to occupy every girl and boy! Please note, children always need to be monitored or they will be given an espresso and a free puppy.

What are your hours?2018-10-24T17:31:20-04:00

Potomac Point Winery is open all year round!  The winery is open every day, except Tuesday. Our on-site bistro is open Wednesday-Sunday.  Hours change seasonally, please check the bottom of our website for current hours.

PPW is always closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day; other holidays vary in hours from year to year.

What awards have you won as a wedding venue?2019-10-16T12:45:31-04:00

We are honored to be among not only the best wedding venues in Virginia, but all of America! Below is a list of our most recent wedding venue awards:

2019 The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame (National Honor)
2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 Preferred Vendor, Washingtonian Weddings
2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 Best of Weddings, The Knot Pick
2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 Couple’s Choice award, WeddingWire
2019 Top Virginia Wedding Venue, Venue Report
2017 Best Wedding Reception Venue, Northern Virginia Magazine
Best Winery for Weddings Savor Virginia “Reader’s Choice 2017”
2014 Best of Nova Wedding Venue Northern Virginia Magazine
2014 Voted Best Special Event Venues Virginia Living Magazine

You can see all other awards PPW has been fortunate enough to receive on our about us page!

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