Tasting Our Wines

Enjoy a guided wine tasting at the bar inside our beautiful tasting room!  Select from two different tastings, Grand Cru or Premier Cru, based on your personal wine preferences.  Each tasting will include a one-ounce pour of eight different Potomac Point Wines.  Our Wine attendants will guide you through an educational tasting with behind-the-scenes stories, as well as details of our winemaking processes.  We recommend complementing your tasting bar experience by making a bistro reservation to follow.  Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance.

Grand Cru – $20/person

Taste the best of the best; age-worthy wines made with the highest quality grapes.    Our Grand Cru tasting includes the most well-respected wines Potomac Point has to offer.  If you prefer full-bodied, bold wines that are made for competitions, this tasting is for you.  Taste the result when Virginia terroir, expert winemaking, and passion for quality come together.

Premier Cru – $15/person

Enjoy a selection of our most popular red & white wines.  Premier Cru wines tend to consist of our fan favorites, which typically include great value wines and easy sippers. This tasting is comprised of wines with a lighter, fruity profile, including both dry and off-dry characteristics.  We hope these wines inspire you to celebrate life, friendships, and great wine on a regular basis!

Wines can also be tasted during bistro reservations in the form of wine flights.

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White & Rosé Wine List

La Belle Vie Rosé (2020)

An off-dry wine with intense aromas and flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon with a clean finish.

Bottle 24 | Club Bottle 22

Copyright 2018 Kimberly Lyddane Photography, LLCLa Belle Vie White (2020)

This is a semi-sweet white that holds a combination of citrus fruit flavors, with hints of honeysuckle and herbs.

Bottle 15 | Club Bottle 14

Petit Manseng (2020)

Perfumed nose of white peach, apricots, and orange marmalade, with hints of ripe grapefruit and honeysuckle.

Petit Manseng 2020 Gold Medal at the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association Wine Competition

Bottle 25 | Club Bottle 23

Chardonnay (2020)

Expressive notes of pear and roasted apple, with hints of tropical fruit and citrus.

Bottle 20 | Club Bottle 18

Moscato Dolce (2015)

Our well-received Italian import creation, made for us in collaboration with San Marco Winery in Italy. This wine is a perfect example of the classic Moscato, rich in peach and floral flavors, sweet with some sparks, simply delicious. Not available for Tasting.

Bottle 35 | Club Bottle 32

Custom Label White 

A combination of tropical dry fruit flavors with hints of honeysuckle and orange peel.

Bottle 15 | Club Bottle 14

Sauvignon Blanc (2020)  

Potomac Point Wineries FIRST ever vintage boasts, aromas of grapefruit, passion fruit, and white peach. The palate is lively with fresh fruitless and some distinctive herbs.

Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Silver Medal at the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association Wine Competition

Bottle 25 | Club Bottle 22

Richland Reserve Viognier (2020)

Aromas of pineapple, banana, and pear with floral notes. Light and refreshing on the palate bringing flavors of exotic fruit.

Bottle 28 |  Club Bottle 25

Chardonnay Reserve (2019) SOLD OUT

Multi-layered white wine with ripe pear, banana, and stone fruit finishing with vanilla and buttery tones.

Bottle 30 | Club Bottle 27

Petit Manseng (2018)

SOLD OUT Perfumed and complex nose of stone fruits, banana, and light floral notes.  Full mid-palate.

Bottle 22 | Club Bottle 20

Richland Reserve Viognier SL (2017)

SOLD OUT Aromas of pineapple, banana, and pear with light floral notes. Light and refreshing in the palate bringing flavors or exotic fruit. Lower in sulfites than a typical wine.

Bottle 17 | Club Bottle 16

Red Wine List

Richland Reserve Heritage (2019) 

Powerful body with a silky finish adorning hints of cloves, molasses, boysenberry, and hibiscus

Gold Medal at the 2021 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition

Bottle 50 | Club Bottle 45

Cabernet Franc (2019)

Aromas of ripe dark berries, sweet spices, and toasted nuances.

Cabernet Franc 2019 Silver Medal at the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association Wine Competition

Bottle 43 | Club Bottle 39

Petit Verdot (2019)

Aromas of tart cherries, violet, slate, and nutmeg.  Boasting bold tannins, acid, and a full mouth feel.

Gold Medal at the Virginia Governor’s Cup 2020

Bottle 37 | Club Bottle 33 

Rabelos Reserve Port

Intense flavors of dried apricots, poached peaches, and chocolate with a silky bourbon finish.

Bottle 40 | Club Bottle 36

Merlot (2019)

Aromas of cherries and black raspberry with complex herbal notes and a minty essence.

Gold Medal at the 2021 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition

Bottle 32 | Club Bottle 29

Coyote Cave Red 

Fresh aromas of black cherry, licorice, plum, and vanilla with lively, but firm tannins.

Bottle 24 | Club Bottle 22

Norton (2020)  

Flavors of cherries, currant, and plums with nuances of cocoa and sweet spice.  Bright acidity with a light body.

Bottle 26 | Club Bottle 23

Custom Label Red 

Notes of blackcurrant, red cherries, vanilla, and sweet spices.

Bottle 20 | Club Bottle 18

Abbinato (2020)

Floral aromas of lavender, combined with red cherry, cedar, dried herbs, and hints of sweet tobacco.

Bottle 20 | Club Bottle 18

Dolce Rubus  

Sinfully decadent!  Raspberry aroma, sweet and medium bodied.

Bottle 20 | Bottle Club 18

About Our Winemaker

David Pagán Castaño is a third-generation winemaker from Yecla, Spain.  Learning from both his grandfather & father, David has experience both abroad and on the East Coast with several different VA wineries.  He has been with the Potomac Point family for over seven years, creating award-winning Virginia wines both locally and internationally. David’s passion project was to create his signature wine, “Vino Camino” (literally “path” in Spanish) as the embodiment of this new style of wine he calls fusion wine, blended from different regions of the world.  The blend contains Potomac Point Winery’s Cabernet Franc and a Monastrell varietal Pagán Castaño created with Bodegas Castaño, his family’s winery in Yecla, Spain.  Castaño came up with the idea for this special blend when he moved to his wife’s home state, Virginia,  in 2011 and tasted the wines, identifying fresh flavors that would balance well with the familiar tastes of his country. “Wine is alive, and it tells a story,” says Pagán Castaño, “[Camino] is the path we travel pursuing what completes us. People migrate to unite and create something new together, so does the wine.”

When David is not in the vineyard or cellar, you can find him running marathons or spending time with his beautiful wife and two kids.