Come join us for this educational wine class in Northern Virginia and take the mystery out of wine tasting! Our Wine Sensory Class presents a fun and interactive way to enhance your wine tasting skills by developing your ability to identify aromas and flavors in wine. This 2.5-hour class will guide you through wine aromatics and palate tests with hands on learning directly from our winemaker, David Pagan Castaño. Enjoy blind samples of six distinctly different wines so you can learn to identify the aromas in the glass and improve your tasting skills. After this class you’ll feel like a wine “insider”, confident in choosing what to drink and ready to taste more. This class is appropriate and beneficial for all levels of wine knowledge.

Eventbrite - Wine Sensory Class @ 11:00am

Eventbrite - Wine Sensory Class @ 3:00pm

Course description:

• Techniques on how to personally develop your sense of smell and taste.
• To identify key aromas commonly found in wine by smelling pure essences.
• To identify key acids and flavors found in wine by tasting them in a prepared solution.
• To increase your objectivity and precision to describe wines and rate them as wine professionals do.

All attendees will receive 20% off wine bottles you would like to take home! Don’t forget, our bistro will be open from 11:00am – 9:30pm for lunch/dinner before or after class!