Planning a wedding is never an easy task. Throw in the added element of a global pandemic, and it can seem completely overwhelming. As Virginia wedding venues are reopening and making changes to their operations, the wedding industry is seeing some creative ideas for how to make weddings as safe and fun as possible for couples and their guests. It is truly a team effort! Here are some of our favorite tips for safely planning your wedding!

  • Communication is Key! In these unusual times, no one is quite sure what the new “normal” looks like for events. Communicate with your guests prior to arrival. Create an insert card advising guests about expectations on face coverings, social distancing, food service and/or other safety measures you plan to apply to your event. This not only can help guests know what to expect, but it’ll also calm any concerns they may have about attending an event.
  • Give Direction with Creative Wedding Signage! It’s important to remind your guests of how to interact when they enter your wedding space. While people will most certainly be excited to greet each other, social distancing signs and reminders could encourage your guests to be mindful of close interaction. It is okay to have a cute “Hug Free Zone” sign posted!
  • Wrist Bands! This may be one of our favorite ideas we have seen at Potomac Point! Different color wrist bands can be used to easily communicate guests’ comfort level to those around them. You can go the traditional route with a red, yellow, or green wrist band or even switch it up to get colors that match your theme. Have signage explaining the different colors posted around your reception.
  • When in Doubt, Mask it Out! Understand all of your guests will have different levels of comfort. If you have higher risk guests, recommend they wear masks at all times (except while eating & drinking, of course), and feel free to leave early (after the ceremony or even before the cake) if they are more comfortable.
  • Socially Distant Seating! Figuring out a seating chart has always been a tricky task but is now more important than ever. Taking time to create a socially distant seating chart is key. Keeping close family pods together can help to cut down your guest count and allow for more space to spread out and party! Keep your travelling work friends at tables separate from your elderly grandparents. 
    Be sure to share your seating chart with your guests beforehand for maximum comfort! Consider assigning families or groups to certain rows at your ceremony as well.
  • Divide and Conquer! Consider splitting larger groups of during the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Dual ceremonies are a great way to cater to guests of different risks, ages, and level of comfort. Have a smaller, more intimate ceremony for close family and older relatives, followed by another ceremony for larger groups, or have your larger group come later for the party! You can even live stream your ceremony online to all of your family & friends! During your reception, encourage satellite dancefloors around the room. Think of it a more festival styled dance floor to discourage a crowded dancefloor.
  • Play with your Food! Switch up the traditional passed appetizers for cocktail hour and consider mini tapas-style plates instead. Instead of a buffet or family style dinner, consider switching to a plated meal to cut down on the amount of service needed during dinner.
  • “Change the Dates.” If you are faced with the tough decision to postpone your wedding to a later date, be sure to send out your “Change the Dates” to let your guests know! You can find some of our favorite invitation ideas
  • Be Prepared. If you have postponed your wedding, to a new date, consider wedding insurance. It can never hurt to be more prepared. In the case you must move again, wedding insurance can help cover some unexpected costs that may arise.
  • Have Fun with It! Play it up! Include mini hand sanitizer favors or personalized wedding day face masks for your guests. Even with new rules and precautions, don’t forget to have fun on your wedding day or take a single second for granted.

Happy Planning!