The early bird gets the…

Grapes!  If your headed to the winery anytime soon you may notice a few additions (precautions really) we’ve taken to keep the grapes on the vines.  The summer is prime growing season for our grapes and we aren’t the only ones excited by this.  The birds wait for this all year; it’s their very own Thanksgiving feast!  Our hope is to keep our grapes safe from the birds so that we can have more wine for you to drink next year and avoid a “Grape Depression”.  We put up netting over the hanging fruit to create a barrier for the birds.  Bird netting is the most common and most effective method of protection for the grapes.  You may also hear the distress calls and sounds of predator birds as you stroll through the vineyard.  We have speakers throughout the vineyard playing these sounds to help deter the local birds.  However, birds are highly adaptive and pretty soon they’ll realize these calls aren’t real.  Needless to say, if you’re strolling through the vines and you happen upon a bird eating the grapes, be sure to shew it away.  The Grape Depression is in your hands!

Nets in July

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