New Trend: Fusion Wine

Experts and wine writers are increasing their predictions for the rise in popularity of blended wines and the demand for innovation in quality wine. Potomac Point Winery emerges as a trailblazer, responding to market demand with a unique concept in collaborative winemaking.

Potomac Point Winery’s new head winemaker, David Pagán Castaño, created “Vino Camino” (literally “path” in Spanish) as the embodiment of this new style of wine he calls fusion wine, blended from different regions of the world.  The blend contains Potomac Point Winery’s Cabernet Franc and a Monastrell varietal Pagán Castaño created with Bodegas Castaño, his family’s winery in Yecla, Spain.

Pagán Castaño came up with the idea for this special blend when he moved to his wife’s home state in 2011 and tasted the wines, identifying fresh flavors that would balance well with the familiar tastes of his country.   “Wine is alive, and it tells a story,” says Pagán Castaño, “[Camino] is the path we travel pursuing what completes us.  People migrate to unite and create something new together, so does the wine.”

Pagán Castaño selected two typical varietals of the regions he is joining together. Monastrell is one of the most regionally recognized grape varieties in Yecla, often used for single varietal wines.  Likewise, Cabernet Franc is quickly becoming known as a grape that performs well in Virginia.

Cabernet Franc brings black fruit and ripe red berries and its time aged in American Oak adds creaminess which fills the midpalate. The Monastrell creates the foundation with underlying herbal notes of eucalyptus leaf, licorice, white pepper, and sweet spices from its time in French Oak.

Blending wine is actually an old practice from Europe. Wine growers of the Old World found flavor profiles of different grape varieties complemented each other exquisitely. They remained limited, however, by the borders of their appellations for generations.

With fewer appellation restrictions, Virginia has seen positive results: joint projects and multi-terrior wines of elegant character which appeal to the most discerning wine enthusiast. Vino Camino will join them this summer.

The release party will be held September 28th, 2014 from 2-4pm at Potomac Point Winery.  In celebration of the Spanish blend, Chef Javier Romero from Taberna del Alabardero will join PPW’s Jose “Oz” Leon to create a special menu for the wine.  “Taberna del Alabardero has been combining the best of traditional Spain with modern cuisine in the Washington area for 25 years.  Fusion projects like this fit our culture” says Manager Javier Velazquez.

Priority is given to the members of the PPW Wine Club. In addition, there will be a Flamenco performance to set the tone.

“We have a diverse group of wine consumers at PPW, and we are excited to offer them something innovative and different”, says Cindi Causey, Owner/GM.

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