What are your favorite local businesses?  Maybe your favorite Clothing Boutique, Coffee Shop, Athletic Establishment, Restaurant, or Winery is a small business.  There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and a good handful of states and cities have already closed bars and restaurants for an unknown amount of time in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus.  The states that haven’t closed are either not far behind or suffering from an extreme lack of business.

Not only are small business owners worried about the future of their establishments, but the servers, bartenders, cooks and retail employees are also worried about how they will pay bills for the next few weeks.  If you are interested and able, here are a few ways you can help:

1.) Carry-out and delivery is still an option for many restaurants and bars.

Many states are taking precautions by shutting down dine-in for restaurants but getting a carry-out order or calling for delivery is still a great option. You don’t have to cook; the restaurant is still making some money. So, check to see if that’s a possibility at your favorite eatery.  Even local eateries that don’t usually deliver may be adding this option for the near future (remember to tip your delivery driver generously).  PPW’s Vineside Pickup is now available!

2.) Buy gift cards from your favorite restaurant or boutique.

There will come a time in which small businesses will be open again, so why not purchase a gift card now, that you can use later? This is a fantastic way to make sure that your favorite restaurant or store is getting some income right now, when the business needs it the most. Shop our online store here.

Plus, it will feel like you’re having a free dinner when you use the gift card later down the road.

3.) Shop online.

We’re all pretty used to shopping online, so one way you can support a local business is shopping from your computer or cellphone. Not all boutiques or retail stores may have the option to offer online shopping, but if they do, it’s a great way to support a small business and practice social distancing.  Note to mention, PPW is currently offering 20% off the purchase of three or more bottles online!

4.) Follow Local Businesses.

Follow local businesses, artists, producers, gallery owners and restaurateurs, they’ll appreciate the social media traction.  Drop a DM or note to your favorite businesses, it’ll go a long way! Check out Potomac Point’s Facebook & Instagram pages!  Join the movement “Open that Bottle of Local Wine” on Saturday, March 28th.  Learn more here.

5.) Maintain your subscriptions or join their clubs!  Although small businesses cannot function as usual, most are still able to prepare packages & ship things out to their VIP members.  Committed subscribers & club members can be a saving grace for businesses during this crazy time.  PPW is even offering a limited time special, where we are WAIVING our $49.99 sign-up fee if you purchase our April wine box!  Learn more here.