Should I join the wine club?

In the past few years, wineries have popped up everywhere, on both coasts. You can find them in different regions of Virginia, Texas, and, of course, all over California.

Joining a wine club has plenty of benefits, especially if you find yourself purchasing bottles of wine on a regular basis. Take a look at these benefits that wine club members typically receive to help you decide if membership is right for you:

  1. Special Reserves:Wineries store special reserves and wine club exclusives for their wine club members. Expect your deliveries to be sprinkled with a few of these ultra-special bottles.
  2. VIP Reservations:If you’ve ever been to a popular wine region in the summer, you’ve experienced the crowded wine scene.  Potomac Point only takes tasting & bistro reservations for their club members.  Skip the wait and enjoy your wine leisurely.
  3. Free Tastings: It’s pretty standard to receive free tastings when you sign up for the club or maybe even a few times a year. Potomac Point on the other hand offers complimentary classic tastings for you AND a friend every time you come in!  They’ll even upgrade their club members to the premier tastings for only $5.
  4. Preferred Pricing: Most wine clubs offer a free pick-up option or deliver quarterly shipments of wine at a discounted rate! Potomac Point Winery also offers 20% off any cases of wine your purchase and discounts off bottles and glasses of wine you purchase.
  5. Exclusive Events: Throughout the year, Potomac Point will send out invites for special events like club blending challenges, Pick-Up parties with fun activities, and after hour openings that are exclusive to wine club members.
  6. Discounted Merchandise:Some wineries have gift shops attached to them and will give up to 20 percent off the price of snacks and wine themed décor so you can enjoy a more reasonable rate.

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