“I have not met a single person who has not been touched by the devastation of cancer. I have personally been punched by losing my Dad to cancer right before we opened the winery. He made the journey of research with us, checking out wineries all over the Commonwealth and compiling our business plan. He would wrap his bear like arms around me to comfort me after a loan rejection and say tomorrow is another day…..

You may have seen the “George’s row” sign that sits atop the trellis in the Merlot section of the vineyard. This is the row he planted, so weak from fighting but so excited for our adventure. Our community is filled with stories of loved ones who need the support of Hospice.

September 27 is the annual “Grapes in the Garden” hospice fundraising event. All the proceeds go to pay for the therapy and programs directly benefiting our community. I have been on the planning committee for 4 years now, committed to do my part for an organization that we relied on to get us through one of the most emotionally difficult time in our lives.”

This event is held in the beautiful Snowden Gardens in Fredericksburg. There will be five wineries, five restaurants and JF Fick providing our beverages and nibbles. Potomac Point will be selling tickets at the register area from now until the event or you can purchase tickets online here; it is $50.00 in advance. Checks may be written to Mary Washington Hospice. Please come out and support this great organization.

~Cindi Causey, Proprietor