Gourmet Wine Popsicles!

Potomac Point Winery has added “Trysicles Gourmet Pops” to our preferred vendors list. Trysicles offers a variety of flavors from fruity to exotic for weddings and special events.

Trysicles’ mission is to remind clients how fun and elegant, fresh can be. Their pops use only natural sweeteners and fresh, in-season ingredients – local & organic preferred.

Pop bars make great features at summer events, and oblige us all to enjoy the splendor of the season. Signature flavors include simply strawberry, roasted pineapple, and Cran-Rosemary & Cream, but our personal favorites are their Wine Pops made with Potomac Point Wines! Pop pricing ranges from $3-$7/pop and everything from flavors to packaging can be customized. Trysicles pops are crafted in Virginia with sun, love, and passion!

P: 703.595.7009

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