Today adults juggle so many responsibilities including raising families, maintaining careers, and caring for elderly parents to name a few. Unfortunately, these are all areas that can result in feelings of stress and anxiety. You may be wondering how you can quickly alleviate such feelings. This is where wine provides a solution. While the many physical health benefits of drinking wine, especially red wine, are well-documented, wine can also improve your emotional well-being. Here are some of the great ways that wine can provide you with relief.

Wine Induces Relaxation

According to medical professionals, reducing stress and anxiety is an important part of healthy living. This is because such feelings can manifest physically in the body including high blood sugar levels, dizziness, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, sweating, muscle aches and muscle tension. What’s more is that stress and anxiety can reduce your appetite, have a negative impact on your relationships and interrupt your normal sleep pattern.

Fortunately, wine is a drink that has been relied upon for centuries for leisurely enjoyment, pleasure and relaxation. This is because as an alcohol, wine has many sedative qualities that put your mind and body at ease. Studies have shown that drinking can reduce stress because it has such a naturally calming effect on the body. The same studies have also shown that alcohol can easily form a dependency, but nothing that a 30 day treatment can’t amend. Wine depresses the central nervous system which means that your senses slow down, including your thought processes. So, if you’re mind has been racing all day thinking about all the things you have to do then a glass of wine can help to alleviate your stress, worry and anxiety by decreasing such feelings.

The Benefits of Reservatrol

 Reservatrol is a compound found in grapes and subsequently wine. While reservatrol provides antioxidant properties it has also been shown to reduce feelings of stress in the body. This is because it activates PARP-1, a stress reducing protein that helps to repair damaged cells and genes throughout the body. Therefore, drinking wine is a natural way to protect the body from the inside out. Reservatrol also contributes to repairing DNA and genes that promote longevity within the body. So, it is not too far-fetched to argue that drinking wine can also add years to your life!

Other Fun Ways to Incorporate Wine For Stress & Anxiety Relief

The great thing about wine is that you can incorporate it into your other stress reducing activities. For instance, try having a glass of wine while you do the following:

  • Meditations – It does not matter if you are meditating on your yoga mat or listening to a soothing guided meditation on your smartphone, having a few sips of wine in between your meditation sessions can help to relax you even more for the a deep sense of peace and calm.

Yo can include gemstones and crystals, there are many benefits of crystals to help with anxiety and stress reduction. From quartz crystal, agate, amethyst, jet stone, blue topaz, and tourmaline—there are various stones that can help to put your mind at ease. After a great crystal meditation session, have a glass of wine for even more relief.

  • Add Wine to Your Dinner –Not only can you enjoy a nice dinner and complement it with a glass of wine, but you can also add wine as an ingredient to your food! Eating a nice meal is a pleasurable experience by itself. This is especially the case for savory meals that awaken your senses. Wine can add a wonderful touch of flavor to your favorite meal, helping you to relax as you enjoy a satisfying dinner.

When it comes to drinking wine there are many benefits associated with this age-old drink. Do remember however that all things are best in moderation. Therefore, do not over-indulge in this great pastime. Instead, simply enjoy a glass of wine, lessen your feelings of stress and anxiety, and feel better as you unwind after a hectic day.


written by Naomi Shaw