Wine Bingo

Potomac Point Winery has put a delightful twist on the popular game, its bingo for wine lovers. This fun and interactive game will make for the perfect night out with your friends!  Wine Bingo will take place each Thursday night from June-August during Ladies Night.

  1. Guests will need to purchase a board to participate; There must be a minimum of six players before the game can begin ($8/ Club Member; $10/ Person).
  2. All participating guests will receive:
    1. Wine-O Board(s)
    2. Cork playing pieces
    3. Mini- Dump Bucket
    4. Water to rinse your glass
    5. Wine-O wine glass
  1. We will start by distributing a half oz. tasting of one of our fantastic wines, but its identity will remain a secret until after the tasting.
  2. After everyone has had a chance to swirl, sniff, and taste the wine in play, it is up to you to identify it. Confer with your tablemates if you dare!
  3. Once you feel you have successfully identified the wine in play, place a cork over the corresponding square to signify you’ve reached a decision on the wine you tasted. Be sure of your decision, there is no turning back!
  4. Once everyone has made his or her decision, we will reveal the wine’s identity!
    1. If you were correct, keep your cork on your board… well done!
    2. If you were incorrect, no worries… Remove the cork from your board and prepare for the next tasting to redeem yourself!
  1. Repeat steps 3-6 with each preceding tasting until you have placed 4 corks in a row on your board.
  2. When you have 4 corks in a row, please wait for the wine to be revealed. If you guessed correctly, quickly raise your hand and shout “WINE-O”!
  3. After a confirmed win, all boards will be collected.
  4. Play smart, someone must get “WINE-O” within 12 wines or the game is over!

Winner will receive a Potomac Point Winery Gift Certificate and valuable wine tasting experience 😉