Amis de Barriques

Amis De Barriques Club

“Friends of Barrels”

Potomac Point Winery’s barrel Club is a special opportunity to put wine in your future!  Sponsor your own personal barrel, split a barrel with friends or give a barrel membership as a unique one-of-a-kind gift!  This is truly the gift that keeps giving; perfect for anniversaries, weddings, milestone birthdays, etc.

 There is a lot more to making fine wine than one might expect. One of the many important aspects of crafting a fine wine is the winemaker’s barrel selection. There are infinite characteristic combinations, including oak varieties, cooperage, and toast levels, that uniquely complement our grapes.  Membership in the Barrel Club is a great way to get involved in the art of fine wine making and to join in the success of Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard.

Enjoy this unique opportunity with five years worth of membership and events.  Receive a customized plaque to engrave your anniversary date or special quote; Take home a selection of your favorite wines each year and attend our exclusive semi-annual members only Barrel Tasting events — where you taste both young and matured wines directly from the barrel.

Barrel Club Member Benefits:

  • Customized plaque engraved with your name & personal message to be displayed on your barrel at the Winery
  • $250 worth of wines per vintage year during the first four years of your membership. There may be limitations placed on any wines designated as “Limited Production”
  • Exclusive Spring & Fall Barrel Tasting hosted by our Winemaker & Owner.
  • Complimentary Spring Barrel Tasting for Barrel Member and one guest.
  • Complimentary Fall Barrel Tasting and social for Barrel Member and three guests.
  • Take home your sponsored barrel on the 5th year of your membership.
  • Access to members-only wines.
  • Exclusive access to take photographs in the vineyard ($250 value)
  • Cost is $1500.00 plus tax


Cooperages Used by Potomac Point

Tonnellerie CadusTonnellerie Cadus is located in Ladoix-Serrigny, just north of Beaune. Cadus was created to meet the increasing demand around the world for Ultra-Premium barrels using Burgundian firing techniques. Cadus is managed by Francois “Paquito” Barbier, who oversees over 30 experienced coopers.

Tonnellerie DamyTonnellerie Damy is a third generation cooperage in Meursault, which is managed by Jerome Damy. Jacques Damy, Jerome’s father, is Administrator of Les Tonnelleries de Bourgogne, which oversees Tonnellerie Damy and Tonnellerie Billon’s operations. The Damy barrels are well known around the world for aging some of the great wines of Meursault and Puligny Montrachet.

Keystone CooperageKeystone Cooperage, a subsidiary of Wilson Forest Products Inc., is a family owned and operated cooperage located in the heart of the northern Appalachian Mountains, in Jefferson, Pennsylvania. Keystone applies three generations of expertise in oak sourcing, seasoning and manufacturing to its top quality American oak barrels.

Vicard TonnelleriesVicard Tonnelleries is a family owned and operated cooperage in Cognac with an annual production of over 60,000 French, Eastern European and American oak barrels. Their barrels are sold all over the world and are especially in demand by producers of red wine, particularly Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.