Our Wines


La Belle Vie (2013)

Crisp and refreshing white wine that is perfect for sipping on the patio. This slightly sweet white has hints of citrus and melons.

Bottle Price: $14.99
Club Price: $13.50


Chardonnay (2013)

Our most versatile wine is crisp and refreshing. Nicely balanced with toasty notes and aromas of green apple in the bouquet. Beautiful fruit followed by a lingering finish.

Bottle Price: $16.99
Club Price: $15.39


Viognier (2013)

The very ripe fruit made this wine a perfect example of the true nature of this variety, tropical flavors with accents of citrus, grapefruit and passion fruit.

Bottle Price: $29.99
Club Price: $26.99


La Belle Vie Rose (2013)

It is a semi-dry, very light wine obtained from a soft press of full bunches of Virginia Syrah and Petit Syrah. It is light in color, with typical strawberry and watermelon flavors. The mouth is elegant, crisp with a nice sweet ending. Currently Sold Out.

Bottle Price: $18.99
Club Price: $17.09


Vin de Paille (2010)

We made this wine with the southern Italian Passito style used in the little island of Pantelleria.  Completely dry and hand destemed muscat grapes macerated in a rich must coming from very ripe, late harvested Vidal and Petit Manseng.  Unique for Virginia.

Bottle Price: $29.99
Club Price: $26.99


Abbinato (2013)

A Chianti-style blend, easy to drink light bodied with a soft tannic structure. It is a modern style light wine, with fruit and vanilla flavors. Perfect to serve with your favorite Italian meal, barbecued chicken and tomato-based meals.  Good pizza wine too!

Bottle Price: $16.99
Club Price: $15.39


Cabernet Franc (2013)

A very fruit-forward wine with flavors of cherry & pomegranate, with a touch of holiday spice on the finish.   This wine is ready to enjoy now but don’t forget to grab one for later, this Cabernet will age nicely.

Bottle Price: $26.99
Club Price: $24.29


Petit Verdot (2010)

Deep rich color with a unique bouquet of pepper, smoked wood, hay and leather. It has an accent of black currant. A velvety feel in the mouth but with strong and long tannins. It should be paired with strongly flavored food, robust meat and aged cheeses. Currently Sold Out.

Bottle Price: $26.99
Club Price: $24.29


Richland Reserve Heritage (2010)

Our Signature Reserve Bordeaux will be available for tasting on the premier tasting.  Begin with aromas of floral and earthy tones to transition to the tart Bing cherry and pomegranate notes.  Dry-yet-soft acidity will leave a beautiful lingering finish.

Bottle Price: $42.99
Club Price: $38.99


Rabelos Virginia Dessert Wine 500ml (2010)

These Portuguese varietals team together to make our port-style wine reminiscent of the old country. They have been aged in bourbon barrels coming from our neighbor Bowman Distillery.  Rabelos is rich in wonderful flavors of ripe raspberries, baked plums, and cherries.  The perfect finish to any meal. Currently Sold Out.

Bottle Price: $32.99
Club Price: $29.99


Norton (2012)

This medium-bodied, dry wine has a rich deep purple color with a dried fruit aroma. The smell of baked spice and rhubarb are apparent.  The strong finish lets you know this is a unique wine and an excellent native Virginia varietal.  .

Bottle Price: $23.99
Club Price: $21.59

Coyote Cave Red

Coyote Cave Red (2013)

Enjoy this light smooth red blend homage to our Coyote Cave in our Cellar. The story of the mother and baby coyote has been enjoyed since opening the winery doors. This is the perfect blends of soft tones and subtle fruit to enjoy anytime.

Bottle Price: $18.99
Club Price: $17.10


Merlot (2012)

A lush wine with flavors of dark berries, plum and currants. Well balanced with subtle toasty nuances. A medium bodied, dry wine with vibrant acidity! A wine that allows us to enjoy what we have grown on site.

Bottle Price: $24.99
Club Price: $22.49

Dolce Rubus (2013)

Sinfully decadent!  The nose will know.  There is a clear raspberry aroma to invite you in.  A splash of raspberry to this medium-bodied Merlot has offered the perfect balance of fruit, berry and wine.

Bottle Price: $15.99
Club Price: $14.40

Moscato Dolce (2012)

Our well received Italian import creation, made for us in collaboration with San Marco Winery in Italy. Perfect example of the classic Moscato, rich in peach and floral flavors, sweet with some sparks, simply delicious. Not available for Tasting.

Bottle Price: $29.99
Club Price: $26.99

Custom Label Red & White (2013)

These tables wines are bottled with only a back label, leaving room for you to create the wine label of your choice.  These very drinkable wines make the perfect gift!