Malawi’s Pizza exclusively serving Potomac Point Wines

14 Jun

Potomac Point Winery is excited to announce that Malawi’s Pizza in the Spotsylvania Town Center will be exclusively selling Potomac Point Wines!  You can dry their delectable offerings which they have perfectly paired with PPW wines.  See their current pairings below:

  • Malawi Capri Pizza & Strawberry Spinach Salad with PPW Viognier, 2015
  • Pesto Chicken Pizza & BLT Wedge Salad with PPW Chardonnay, 2015
  • Roasted Chicken & Red Pepper Pasta with PPW Norton, 2015
  • Tuscan Pepperoni Pizza & Balsamic Steak Salad with PPW Abbinato, 2015

Malawi’s gives people a reason to feel good about eating out. The Malawi’s experience is designed to embody:

Purpose –
For every meal purchased at a Malawi’s restaurant, a nutrient-dense meal is donated to a child in need. Our customers feel good
about their decision to dine-out because it supports the fundamental well-being of others. We believe in nurturing not only people
of Malawi, but also employees, community, and family. Celebrating charity and rallying around a cause builds relationships with our
customers, our employees, and our franchise operators.

Family –
Our restaurants are the perfect place to bring the whole family. Our clean, spacious interiors create the ideal environment for a family
dining experience. Our decor, lighting, and the friendly demeanor of our employees elevate the typical family dining-out experience
and make families feel welcome and comfortable. From picky children to health-conscious dads to adverturous moms – everyone
finds something the love at Malawi’s.

Gourmet –
The cuisine at Malawi’s is fresh and chef-created. Our signature dough, sauces, toppings, and dressings inspire unforgettable meals.
Wood-fire ovens infuse world-class flavors into everything Malawi’s creates. The ingredients we use, and how we create meals, are
visible to customers, instilling confidence that they will recieve a fresh, handcrafted, premium meal.