Harvest Time is Among Us!

One of the most exciting times at the winery is without a doubt Harvest time! After a long year of endless upkeep, careful pruning, and tender love & care we are finally close to reaching the crowning moment! Recently we have received word from our consulting winemaker that our precious vines have entered into a stage called veraison. According to Kendall-Jackson, “veraison is a physiological stage in the vine life cycle that is marked by a change in the appearance and hardness of the grape berry.” Both red and white grapes go through this process, and in laymen terms, this ends the process of cell division within the grape’s skin.

Ok, quick science lesson; a smaller number of skin cells generally produces smaller sized berry. Thanks to the knowledge of Kendall-Jackson and our resident winemakers “a small berry has a better skin to juice ratio that ensures a better concentration of flavor and structure.” After the veraison process each grape will be full of color and more pliable then it’s firm adolescence.

We are happy to say that our grapes have reached the veraison station and next stop will be the harvest! Make sure that you make your way out for our 7th Annual Harvest Festival to witness all of our hard work and even stomp some Potomac Point grapes! Here is a sneak peek!


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