Governor’s Cup Case Educational Forum comes to Potomac Point Winery!

Potomac Point is proud to announce that on February 21, 2013 one of Potomac Point’s signature wines, the 2010 Richland Reserve Heritage, won a gold medal rating from the Virginia Governor’s Cup! This prestigious competition has been in existence for over thirty-one years and is held over a four week period. This year, over forty world-class judges with both national and international stature sampled and critiqued each of the 377 entries on the basis of appearance, aroma, flavor, overall quality, and commercial suitability.  Each wine was graded on a point scale and can be awarded either a bronze, silver, or gold medal. The twelve wines with the highest scores at the end of the four week judging period are recognized as a member of the prestigious Governor’s Cup Case. With over 93 wineries participating and only twenty gold medals awarded in this year’s Governor’s Cup, Potomac Point Winery was honored to receive “Governor’s Cup Case” recognition for their award-winning 2010 Richland Reserve Heritage! To top that off, Potomac Point Winery was asked to host the Governor’s Cup Case Educational Forum on May 7, 2013. People from all over came to taste the twelve elite “Governor’s Cup Case” wine selections and were educated about the masterful art of the wine making led by Jay Youmans. We highly encourage you to come on in and try the wine that experts are raving about, the Richland Reserve Heritage… you won’t be disappointed!


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